Thoughts can be changed

Thoughts can be changed and your life can change with them!

Changing my thoughts with affirmations was one of the tools that saved me from ending my life and rescued me from a deep depression years ago. I truly believe it can help anyone and that is why I want to share this with you.

Have you ever unconsciously refuse or reject to think a positive thought about yourself?
Guess what? You can also refuse to think negative thoughts about yourself.

It all starts with a decision that you will refuse to believe any negative thoughts.
You don’t have to constantly fight your thoughts when you want to change things.
You can tell those thoughts: “Thank you for sharing, and I’m choosing to do something else, I chose to believe in something else now, I refuse to believe that about myself today.”

You can stop resistance now. Avoid the fighting inside your head , let them go by, wave goodbye to the ones you chose to let go and nourish and comfort the ones that make you feel at ease.

Trust me, it actually isn’t as complicated. It is something that get easier and easier with practice and your determination is 90% of the effort!

One of the best ways to change our thoughts is by doing affirmations, writing them, reading them, posting them, recording them, repeating them over and over.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations! You might use any of this today or write your own and see what happens….You will be surprised, I promise.

My heart is always open and I radiate love
Every experience I have today is perfect for my growth
All is well in my world
I am fearless
Everything I do is by choice
I deserve joy and love
I chose love over fear
I am healing myself in all levels
I release the past and any negative emotions with it
I am safe
I trust myself , others and the Universe
I am divine love and light

Have fun playing with this affirmations and see the magic happen,
I would love to hear what you experience!

With Love,