The power of surrender-

The power of surrender-
I want to share something personal with you…

I had one of those nights were my thoughts were fighting each other, where I couldn’t stop overthinking and analyzing and feeling …and felt trapped in my own head, wanting to fix things, and make it all go away.
I call it “Terrorizing myself” with judgments and destructive emotions and thoughts.

The next day of course I woke up feeling even worse so by the second night I decided to surrender…as soon as I said “ I surrender, I leave this in your hands for now “  I felt asleep…much needed sleep.
I woke up with clarity, and a new sense of hope, understanding and accepting that whatever it is, it is somehow for my highest good.
That I call “trust and tranquility”

When you surrender you are not surrendering your desires, you are surrendering the beliefs and the resistance that keeps you away from what you want.

Surrender the struggle, defending yourself, trying to hard to understand, trying to change or fix, the obsession.

Surrender doesn’t make you weak, to the contrary, it makes you brave, strong, powerful and mature.

Surrender means to allow…Allow connection, clarity, receptiveness, well being,  allowing the universe to rescue you, to guide you to what you can’t see beyond your “reality”.

Surrender is to stop giving power to the things that we don’t have any power over to have power over us.
It gives our ego a rest, much needed rest.

I believe you are amazing, powerful, and divine…and I also believe you can a rest sometimes and let the Universe do its thing.

Maybe today is a day you can say ” I surrender “ and the miracle of light, hope, understanding and love is allowed into your life one more time…

Till next time with Love,