Our Health and Trapped Emotions

Hello beautiful souls,

I am in Central Coast California enjoying the sun and the ocean.
My day was about releasing trapped emotions and I now feel like myself again…and that inspired me to write this email to you.

What is a Trapped Emotion?

A trapped emotion that was not correctly identified and then allowed to process in an appropriate manner at the time of an incident becomes stuck and held in the body as a ball of energy. Most of us have many of these stuck energies some where in our bodies.  These trapped energies have the potential to cause us physical and mental problems if ignored.

Here are some of the emotions associated with organs in our body.
( this chart was taken from the book The Emotion Code by Dr.Bradley Nelson )

I often hear people complain about feeling stuck in some area of their lives or even in all areas…One of the most common reasons for this is having trapped emotions that are blocking the flow of life force energy and slowing things down for us making us feel that way.

Here are some healthy ways to release trapped emotions.

-Water is the ultimate medium of flow on earth, and comprises the majority of our body.In fact, water is the body’s natural choice of release as well, in the form of tears. Tears often help facilitate the flow of emotion through the body and allows it to release more easily. So allow the tears…

Can’t cry? Go for a swim, seat by the ocean, take a long shower with the intention of releasing the emotions, drink plenty of water and sweat it out.

-Move….whatever you do and however you can. If you can’t do major exercises its totally okay but do walk, dance, move your head up and down or stretch. Even working your face muscles when smiling counts! =)

-Write it down…If you could become friends with a journal and a pen, you could master your emotions. Give it a try, write the things you want, the ones you don’t, the thoughts you can’t tell anyone, the feelings that keep you awake at night, just write.

-Get body work done. Massages, energy healing, acupuncture, etc. Allow others to help you facilitate the release of those emotions.

-Meditation and visualization are amazing a letting go of emotions that are trapped. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what we imagine. So use your imagination wisely and release all the emotions that don’t serve you any longer with a nice deep meditation.

-Sleep…Go to sleep with the intention of releasing whatever is stuck in your body each night, whatever might be blocking the flow of energy for you…You will be surprise of what a great night sleep can do for you.

I want to leave you for today with this shower meditation. Each morning when you take a shower do so with the intention of letting any negative emotions and thoughts be washed away by the water of your shower. You can visualize this water as a healing waterfall and let this happen for 1 to 3 minutes. Then give thanks to the water and surround yourself with beautiful white light.
Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! It always works for me.

As always, Love and Light your way

Thank you for being you, I mean it, thank you