Just Be… Can You Just Be?

Very often I get asked by some of my clients in the journey of changing their lives questions like:
‘Gaby, What else can I do? I am doing everything I can, Do you have any other suggestions on what else to do?’
My answer is: ‘ You are doing enough, stop doing so much and maybe just be ‘

As a society we have been wired to control things, to make things happen, to work hard, to keep trying, to do and do more, and try harder, and keep doing…
What would happen if you just let things be for once? Let go of the need to control things and be present…Be here, be here now..in this moment reading this email…

What if I told you that you are being done by a greater force and you just have to stop all resistance, accept where you are right now and let things flow…
Everything is always working out the way it should.

We don’t get what we want, we get what we need…You always have everything you need at each moment….Be here and now and ponder about that thought.
Always bring yourself back to this moment and the more you do this, the more peace you will find, it will become something you do automatically in no time and there will be joy in the present…I promise…

Here are a few tips to bring yourself back to the present moment –

– Focus on your breathing
Closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breaths would do
– Count your blessings
Write down 3 things you are grateful for right this second.
–  Focus on what is right in front of you or around you
No distractions, be aware and find something to focus your attention to for 60 seconds.
– Get or wear something that reminds you to be mindful and present
Something like a note on your computer, set an alarm, a bracelet, etc.
– Focus on a part of your body
Notice how your body feels, notice the present emotions and thoughts.  Don’t interrupt, 3 minutes just watch them.
– Smile at strangers
Make eye contact and smile at strangers wherever you go, when they smile back you will be right back in the present moment.
– Of course, meditate, yoga and exercise will do it too!

Here is this 3-minute meditation to bring yourself back to the now and be more mindful.
Enjoy and share it with others!!!

I want to know how you become present…What is your mindfulness practice if you have one.
Share it with me and others so we can all inspire each other to try new ways to quiet our minds and truly enjoy life.
Our world is beautiful, life is beautiful…
Life is too simple for such a complicated human mind, let’s just be!!!

Much Love to you all,

Gaby Milan



About The Author

Gabriela Milan

Transformational Lifer Coach,
Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist,
Reiki Master, Mindfulness Teacher.
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